Prom 2024

Posted on 01/29/2024


Scottsbluff High School Prom

Prom is Saturday, April 13 at the Weborg 21 Centre from 8:30 pm-11:30 pm. Ticket sales will be Monday, April 8, and Wednesday, April 10-Friday, April 12 during upperclassmen lunch and after school. Tickets are $10.00 per person. The prom theme is "Enchanted Evening."

The Scottsbluff High School Handbook states the following information: “Only students, who are in good standing deemed by the administration, will be allowed to participate and attend school dances. Good standing is defined as: less than five unexcused absences by parent or school in any one class, including CATS; no more than one failing grade; and no more than three behavior referrals.” Students taking college classes, you must be scanning the QR code at the WNCC class location to ensure accurate attendance. If you notice a discrepancy in college class attendance, please see Mrs. Ferguson in the Counseling Office as soon as possible. Students not meeting this criteria will not be allowed to attend prom.

Just like preparations are made for prom night such as finding the right formal wear, dinner reservations, photographs, etc., preparations also need to be made for academic work, attendance, and behavior, so students have the opportunity to attend prom, if they choose. Attendance matters and now is the time for students to be in class, including CATS. Grades matter and now is the time for students to work diligently to maintain passing grades. Behavior matters and now is the time for students to be respectful, responsible, and safe while attending Scottsbluff High School.

SHS students are required to pre-register their dates if they are not currently an SHS student; failure to pre-register will result in no admittance. All out of town dates must complete the Prom Dance Form prior to the dance through the SHS front office starting Thursday, April 4th and return by Thursday, April 11th no later than 3:30 pm.

Prom is limited to juniors and seniors. Freshmen and Sophomores may only attend if brought as a date by a Junior or Senior.  School ID's will be required for admittance.

Prom is a formal event and requires formal attire for the entirety of the dance.