The PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT, whereas NMSQT stands for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. After qualifying for this test, you will be eligible to earn a National Merit Scholarship. This scholarship will help you in covering your whole college tuition. 

The sophomores of high school or juniors can take this test. In other words, PSAT is a slightly easier version of SAT. It is quite easy when scoring is a concern, but considering the content, it is a bit hard. 



What Makes PSAT So Valuable? 

The PSAT is a crucial tool for your college admissions journey. Though your high school scores will not appear on your resume, if you do well on PSAT, you can get a National Merit Scholarship. This scholarship will improve your resume value and provide for your college tuition fees. 

The PSAT also improves your test-taking skills and boosts your confidence level. It prepares you for the SAT. 

Some easy and quick ways that can help you with your preparation are given below: 

  • Take free PSAT practice papers from the official College Board website. It lets you familiarize yourself with the test. 
  • Update yourself with the latest PSAT information. 
  • Create your preparation plan and start your preparations.