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*Please note that the following test dates are national dates that must be registered independently of Scottsbluff High School.  Our only SHS sponsored date will be in Spring 2024.  Registration announcements for that date will go out early second semester.   

To register for the general national test dates, please visit to create an account or login to register for a test date.  

  ACT CALCULATOR POLICY - see attached link.   ACT Calculator Policy

  Freshmen and sophomores at DHS take the Pre-ACT test – The Green Pride

PreACT® assessments offer 10th graders an early experience with ACT test items, provides a predicted ACT test score, and offers a wealth of information to help students get the start they need to be college ready. 

Anchored on the ACT college and career readiness standards, PreACT assessments help educators, students, and parents, identify areas of academic strength and opportunity. Students may opt to have their information shared with colleges and scholarship agencies when they take PreACT 8/9, PreACT, or PreACT Secure, providing greater opportunities for recruitment and scholarship awards.  

The PreACT will be administered in Spring 2024 to Sophomores.  More details will follow early second semester.


2021-2022 Preliminary SAT (PSAT) Information | Leander ISD News



PSAT/NMSQT Test will be held Wednesday, October 11, 2023.  This is a pre-SAT and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test that is available and optional for all Juniors. The cost is $18.00 or if applicable, a fee waiver can be applied. Juniors need to sign up in the Counseling Office to ensure a test is ordered for you by August 31, 2023.  More information will be provided during our fall class meetings.