FAFSA - New Nebraska Law for Seniors

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Posted on 07/05/2024

Beginning this school year (2024-2025), Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-729 states that each public high school in Nebraska is required to account for all seniors in regard to the FAFSA (FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID) as part of its graduation requirements. A student will not be required to submit a FAFSA if an opt-out form is filled out and signed by a parent or guardian, the student themselves if 19 years old, or by the school principal or principal’s designee for good cause.

What is the FAFSA for? The FAFSA informs postsecondary institutions about student eligibility for grants, work-study opportunities, and student loans. In addition, some scholarship providers require information from a student’s FAFSA to determine eligibility and award amounts. Financial aid offers are based on a completed FAFSA.

Scottsbluff High School Senior Parents/Students have TWO options: A) Agree to complete the FAFSA independently or with outside support to be discussed at the financial aid meeting, or B) Fill out a waiver stating you do not wish to complete the FAFSA. These two options will be provided to senior parents/guardians as part of the back-to-school paperwork on Arbiter Sports (Family ID).

If you choose to complete the FAFSA, Parents/Students will follow the federal guidelines that will be outlined in the upcoming Financial Aid Meeting. The school will be required to track completion of the FAFSA with the United States Department of Education.

If you choose to complete the waiver, the online waiver and instructions will be available on Arbiter Sports (Family ID). Parents can fill out the online form, save the form and email the attachment. A paper copy of the waiver form will be mailed home to all seniors late July early August. Even if you complete a waiver, you are still eligible to submit a FAFSA when/if you decide; however, Scottsbluff High School will not be held responsible for tracking your FAFSA completion.

We must receive either the paper copy or the emailed waiver before students can receive a Chromebook. Paper copies must be returned to the counseling office and emailed forms should be sent to Natalie Ferguson at [email protected] BEFORE August 16, 2024. Parent/Student Informational Meeting Night to be held on August 13th is a great opportunity to either turn in or receive help completing the forms.

Contact Mrs. Rotherham ([email protected]), Mrs. Anderson ([email protected]), or Ms. Harrison ([email protected]) if you have any questions.