Student Senate

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Scottsbluff High School

Dear SHS Student Body,

My name is Destina Cervantes, I am a senior at SHS, and I am serving as your 2022-2023 Student Senate President. Our Student Senate officers this year are Sarah Griess, Vice President and Valeria Arriaga, Secretary. The other officers and I are very excited for this school year. We hope to bring positive change and a student voice to our school. We want all students to know that we are available for your concerns, questions, or ideas in order to make our school a more enjoyable environment.

One to two times a month we meet with SHS Administration to discuss student concerns, and work collaboratively to find solutions. We are always available if you need to speak in person, or if you have a recommendation. We will be posting QR codes around the school to get more student input. Please know all comments and suggestions are welcome, we want to hear your opinions, since we are the voice of our class and school. You can contact me or any of the other officers via email, in person, social media, or by filling out the form at the bottom of this letter. Forms are also posted around the school on bulletin boards. We are here to work hard for you and make our school a better place for all students.


Destina Cervantes

Senior Student Senate President

Scottsbluff High School

“Great day to be a Bearcat!”