Scholarships are financial aid for college that you can apply for through organizations, websites, scholarship tools, and more. Scholarships can be need-based, merit-based, or based on things like your hobbies, field of study, ethnicity, religion, and more. You don’t need to be number one in your class or an all-star athlete to get free money for college. Most importantly, all scholarships are free scholarships, which means free money to help you pay for college!

  • Our office provides scholarship lists beginning on September15th and are updated thereafter the 1st and 15th of every month throughout the year. You may pick up a list in the Counseling Office or access a PDF copy from our webpage under this tab.  
  •  Our list provides specific information about scholarships and the organizations that are offering them.  PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS CAREFULLY.   Some applications you must mail on your own, some you must submit online and some you submit to the Counseling Office.
  • When you are filling out an application, you must complete ALL parts and sign the application.  Attachments could include a resume, references, essays and most importantly, transcripts. 
  • If an official transcript is required, you must request one in our office and IN WRITING on the clipboard AT LEAST 72 hours before it is needed.
  • WATCH YOUR DEADLINES!!!  Scholarship application deadlines are very strict and organizations will not take late submissions.
  •  You are responsible for mailing your complete application unless instructions state otherwise.
  •  There are many scholarship sites to investigate and explore and you can start now.
  •  Do your research and make sure the sites you visit are reputable and safe.  Watch out for re-directions to third party sites.
  • Keep track of the scholarships you receive from now until May.  This information is used for the graduation program.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, please make sure to save your contact information of the organization.  You will be expected to submit transcripts for eligibility to retain your scholarship.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, write a thank you note to the organization(s) providing you a financial opportunity to continue your education.

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How to Avoid Scholarship & Financial Aid Scams

Going to college, vocational school, or a certificate program can often help you move up in your career and make more money — but it can also be expensive. Scammers take advantage of that, saying they’ll help you get financial aid or scholarships to pay your tuition bills. Really, they’re just trying to take your money or steal your personal information. Please click the link below to arm yourself with information to protect your self as you navigate your educational journey.



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The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) is a scholarship program that provides full tuition, stipends, summer training cruises and more so you can enjoy a traditional college experience while preparing to serve as a Naval Officer.


The Hagan Scholarship



The Hagan Scholarship is a nationwide need-based merit scholarship, designed to provide recipients with the opportunity to graduate college debt-free. Applicants must attend a traditional public high school governed by a school district. Free workshops, Free Schwab Brokerage Accounts and Free Study Abroad provide recipients with a practical understanding of important life skills not typically covered in the school curriculum. Recipients graduating college while in the Hagan Scholarship Program can apply for a Hagan Graduate Scholarship good for up to four additional consecutive semesters to attend graduate school.

Hagan Scholars have attended 429 colleges and universities located in 48 states.3-29-23-2023-HSF-BROCHURE-su3.pdf for more information.